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Major Data Updates, Smart ESG, and Artificial Intelligence Indices

Stockpulse strives to achieve always more for its clients. We listen to our clients and we will continue to improve our offerings. In our latest update, we have tremendously extended our coverage for Asia, added more filter possibilities and greater in-depth tools to analyze our data sets specifically to your needs. ESG is embedded in our core activities. Our insights and expertise on the ESG investment environment are indispensable when investors pursue a successful ESG strategy. Germany Big Data Sentiment Index launched in February 2021. Stockpulse’s AI driven indices continue to outperform their benchmarks.

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Major Data Updates

Stockpulse's AI covering Asian markets

Stockpulse’s coverage has increased significantly. We have added more stocks from Mainland China, Taiwan and Japan, which combined cover more than 14,5% of the entire world stock market. China has the most extensive digital active community globally, with a population of 1.44 Billion. With social media users soon surpassing the 1 Billion mark.

Natural Language Processing

Stockpulse’s AI is unique and capable in interpreting Chinese dialects and financial jargon for each generation of investors. We continuously expand our sources and have recently added Weibo and Xueqiu (Snowball). Newly added attributes assist our clients in customizing their data sets to their specific needs. Data can now be filtered by specific source, e.g., Reddit, Stocktwits, or Xueqiu. The frenzy around Gamestop or the Silver squeeze, which were mostly influenced by Reddit users can now be analyzed in much more detail.

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In 2020, more than 250 European funds have adapted their investment style to include some form of ESG equities to their investment portfolio. Last year alone, a whopping $1.1 trillion have been invested in ESG related assets. A total of 505 new ESG funds have been launched in Europe just in 2020. ESG investing is new and there are no specific benchmarks yet when it comes to setting certain criteria for a specific industry.

Many Asset Managers view ESG criteria different than the traditional investor. These different opinions can cause miscommunication and are a factor that can lead to uncertainty and risk for investors when participating in ESG investing.

Stockpulse discredits a one-size-fits-all ESG score, each sector should have its own ESG score metric. Generalizing ESG criteria can cause a dissertation on how each metric should weigh in when analyzing a certain company.

One investor might view cybersecurity of an IT company to be the largest factor for its ESG valuation, whilst other may consider data privacy and how they use their clients’ data the largest factor.

We believe in what we call "Smart ESG", in simple terms; using Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Emotional Data Intelligence to evaluate a company.

The "Social" part is the most influential one when looking at ESG. The Volkswagen’s case proves that. Volkswagen’s scandal showed how powerful and influential public opinion can be. Emotional data plays a crucial role in this story. All the discussions in and around Volkswagen’s scandal took place on Social media. Stockpulse’s AI anticipated the negative sentiment and its impact on the stock well in advance.

We are proud to announce our appearance at Bloomberg. The article has great insights on current retail trends. It's a must read.


Reddit forum WallStreetBets is hard for humans to follow at the best of times. But spare a thought for the machines after the retail stock frenzy…

BDX Stockpulse A.I. driven Indices

The medium to long-term comparison is obvious: our innovative equity indices „Europe Big Data Sentiment Index (BDX Europe)“ and the newly issued „Germany Big Data Sentiment Index (BDX Germany)“, controlled by Artificial Intelligence, beat their benchmark indices by far. However, what happens in crises like the pandemic crash? A closer look reveals clear patterns.

BDX Europe

The BDX Europe has generated a staggering outperformance of 23% since launch of the index certificate. The benchmark index STOXX 600 only gained 15% during the same period.

BDX Germany

The newly launched BDX Germany, which covers a German based equity portfolio also leaves its benchmark, the DAX, far behind with astonishing return of 264%. The DAX rose by 104% in that same period.

Since the indices are not directly investable, UBS launched index certificates on both indices.

You can find more information on the indices on the pages of Solactive

CEO, Dr. Stefan Nann

“Sentiment analysis will become a mandatory basis for trading and investment decisions in the future – just as fundamental or chart analysis is today”

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