Emotional Data Intelligence

The quintessence of Artificial Intelligence for financial markets

Emotional Data Intelligence

What is Emotional data Intelligence

Data intelligence is the understanding and structuring of large amounts of data called data mining. This user-generated content comprises a substantial part of communication in Social Media. We identify this emotionally expressed content and classify it as “Emotional Data.” Both parts of Social Media analysis are unstructured and must be processed to create value for financial investors. Stockpulse’s artificial intelligence filters this bulk of information, selects, structures and converts it into intelligible data for the financial industry. The outcome is Emotional Data Intelligence!

Markets experienced the impact of influencers such as Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk on the crypto and stock market. Wallstreet journal and blogs as Reddit are strong market influencers where information is viewed, conversed, and shared. Once we collect all data from online sources, we also categorize them by their respective impact. For example, Elon Musk would have a high impact score and also a publisher as The Wallstreet journal.

How we do it

Stockpulse's Natural Language Proccesing traces Social Media squawk in English, German, and Mandarin. We collect our data from several thousand different sources worldwide, such as news articles & journals, blogs, social media, and forums. With a daily collection of +3 million messages from +60 million verified accounts.

Data collecting methods such as web crawlers are continuously scanning myriads of different internet sources for relevant financial topics, influencers and other unstructured data. Stockpulse's Artificial Intelligence processes all of this unstructured data sets and turns it into viable and comprehensible information.

Why Emotional Data Intelligence Matters

Modern financial engineering based on forecasts, earnings reports, capital expenditure, growth rates, market share, and guidance reflect almost all data available for exchange-traded and privately-owned companies. Neglecting the most crucial aspect of modern investing:


Stockpulse’s Emotional Data Intelligence is the next level of comprehending and processing social media data, powered by deep learning and artificial intelligence. Able to understand the emotions expressed by market participants, investors improve their asset allocation and enhance seeking Alpha. Stockpulse is the pioneer in Emotional Data Intelligence. With the expertise of more than ten years in data science and machine learning, we provide first-class solutions for customized data delivery.

Research Reports

Stockpulse's expertise

We are proud of our ongoing research efforts - published in papers and presented at conferences worldwide. Stockpulse’s R&D work has always been closley linked to academia. We maintain our own Stockpulse LAB and you are able to get access to some of the results published as research reports through our website

Unique Sentiment Dashboard

Stockpulse thrives to improve its offerings and so we are proud to present our new features on our one-of-a-kind dashboard. You can now see influencer messages, filter them and … See for yourself!

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We cooperate with leading stock exchanges in Europe and the United States to deliver insights based on trading surveillance

In the event of fraudulent money transfers, non-compliant stock transactions, or any other wrongful activities, Emotional Data Intelligence is an indispensable tool to enhance your compliance.

Stockpulse is the missing tool to complete your compliance management and assists your alert system with alternative data from Social Media squawk. We support surveillance systems at NASDAQ and Deutsche Börse AG.

"Social Media monitoring is a key task for regulatory surveillance of stock trading today, especially when it comes to recognizing fake news and users with manipulative intentions. With Stockpulse we have a strong and innovative partner who supports us reliably in this task already for years."

Andreas Mitschke, Head of Trading Surveillance Office Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Deutschland (TSO)

How does Social Media influence Financial Markets? Nasdaq is deploying Emotional Data Intelligence by Stockpulse to find out

Stefan Nann is co-founder and CEO of data analytics company Stockpulse, a data analytics company specializing in mining Emotional Data Intelligence. “Facts only account for 10% of the reactions on the stock market; everything else is psychology.” André Kostolany, a stock market investor who made most of …

Trading Surveillance Office (TSO) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Germany relies on data from Stockpulse for Social Media monitoring

Emotional Data Intelligence increasingly important for the stock market and regulatory environment. First trading surveillance office worldwide with access to Stockpulse data services. Both parties agree on long-term cooperation and expansion of the process chain. The Trading Surveillance Office (TSO) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Eurex Germany has …


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