Emotional Data Intelligence

Social Media analysis and Deep Learning for FOREX markets and Cryptocurrencies


Stockpulse is a pioneer in Emotional Data Intelligence.

Our Deep Learning models and advanced Artificial Intelligence tools monitor social media squawk for the next best trade! Stockpulse's outstanding coverage goes beyond equities, indices, and commodities to other asset classes such as FX and cryptocurrencies.

Emotional Data Intelligence

The retail community has learned to listen to sophisticated traders present in the FX-based social media communities. For example, in some subreddits or investing.com, you will see influencers, professionals, and ordinary users making a technical analysis like any financial professional, and many trust and value such opinions. So much so, that they are willing to trade on them. Our unique Artificial Intelligence monitors and analyses all conversations that take place on the web.

We deploy web crawlers and scrapers that scan myriad sources for Key-Driven events that can influence any currency pair. Stockpulse has approximately 60 unique categories and 180 key-driven events.

Our coverage extends to +40 currencies pairs with datasets of almost a decade. Stockpulse's system contains more than +100 million verified active authors that converse with each other.

Stockpulse's Deep Learning models and unique AI are capable of achieving extraordinary results in trading models



Stockpulse's Deep Learning model performed a Long/Short strategy that was backtested for the past eight years. The results are staggering. Almost at the beginning, the difference is vivid and especially during distressed market conditions, such as the COV-19 pandemic where the model shows its true strength. A return of 45.8% for the EUR/GBP and 39.72% for the EUR/USD.

* The models are separated in three phases: Training from Jan 2013 until Dec 2017, Validation from Jan 2018 until Dec 2019, Test from Jan 2020 until May 2021, and out-of-sample from June 2021

Bitcoin Magazine



An outstanding article written by Cameron Palmer from Bitcoin Magazine that mentiones Stockpulse's capabilities. We are glad to see that the interest in social media analytics and cryptocurrencies is becoming more and more relevant. Stockpulse is an advocate of the importance of Emotional Data Intelligence not only in the financial markets but also in the crypto universe.

We cover more than +9000 Cryptocurrencies

Like it or not, new money matters too! It is thé trend at the moment, and it comprises primarily from retail traders. The crypto market reaching a $3 trillion market cap is a huge milestone. Together with the inclusion of ETFs and other financial instruments, institutions are now able to participate easily in the crypto universe. The market will continue to develop in the same direction. It is no secret that almost all of the communication of crypto investing takes place on social media platforms. Whether it is the birth of a new trend or anticipated growth in Bitcoin, all discussions and ideas are captured by our AI tools and analyzed by our Deep Learning models to achieve unique market insight, whilst providing decision-makers with early signals for lucrative opportunities.

Stockpulse's Offerings


Access valuable datasets to make your regulatory surveillance and compliance tasks more transparent. Containing spam filters, message clustering, author scores and more.


  • Large historical datasets
  • Customized datasets and selection in real-time
  • +100 million diversified sources
  • Multiple languages in Chinese, English and German


Quantitative investment models, backtested with auto-delivery options.


  • Long Only
  • Event Driven
  • Long/Short
  • Global Macro

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