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September's Newsletter

Social Media ameliorates your investment results

Social Media becomes dynamically progressive in the second decade of the 21st century. Almost 4 billion daily active users (DAU) exchange ideas in countless posts on numerous platforms around the world. The latest trading ideas and stock recommendations are swirling through the internet forums and chatrooms, blazing abroad to conquer reality.

Cutting edge investment trends for the financial industry

ESG iShares Europe meet Emotional Data Intelligence

In our last newsletter, we mentioned the growing importance of ESG for the investment community.

We demonstrate our competence to outperform ESG equity benchmarks on the ESG iShares Europe ETF Index of BlackRock containing 413 titles

Stockpulse improves your benchmark performance

Whether you are a fund manager or an ETF provider, Emotional Data Intelligence is an invaluable tool to outperform your equity benchmark continuously. Our unique state-of-the-art artificial intelligence collects, filters, and processes the flood of information, converting it into profitable signals for modern wealth managers.

Modern asset allocation centers the emotional value of each publicly-traded company. We surveil over 35k titles around the globe in English, German, and Mandarin. Investors enhance their performance using Emotional Data Intelligence. Stockpulse is your partner to manage human emotions for successful investments.

Pandemic boosting the investment community


The new Landscape

During the corona crisis, we have seen millions of new market participants. Many investors have been staying at home, avoiding infection. Encouraged by dovish Central Bank policies, and additional spare time, trading activity has exploded around the globe after the outbreak of the virus. In search of opportunities, traders have discovered the power of Social Media platforms to exchange investment bets. For instance, a subchannel on called "wallstreetsbets" has drawn a lot of attention from young Millenials and Hedge Funds to capitalize on published trading ideas. Investing in stocks, particular tech stocks has become the latest frenzy.

Human frenzy in numbers!

Apple bitten by Stockpulse

Stockpulse's self-learning artificial intelligence

Tesla electrified by Stockpulse

Stockpulse's self-learning artificial intelligence