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Media Coverage in 2021 Stockpulse 10 year Anniversary

CEO, Dr. Stefan Nann

“This month’s newsletter is special for us. It is Stockpulse’s 10-year anniversary! In light of our decade-long hard work, we would like to congratulate all of our partners and thank our employees who are working hard to bring the best game to the table. Stockpulse is the industry leader in Emotional Data Intelligence. We have come far but this is just the beginning.”

Stockpulse's Journey

Through the years, Stockpulse has progressed from an exotic alternative data provider for visionary financial institutions to a necessity in today’s investing environment. Emotional Data Intelligence (EDI) has proved its worth and continues to provide solid information for the decision-makers to make the difference in achieving alpha.

The journey Stockpulse made in the first decade was challenging, the alternative investment environment was unstable in the beginning, especially when we are talking about EDI and Big Data, still nevertheless fruitful. With each year passing the online retail community grew and so did their participance related to the market. Today’s retail investors possess the knowledge and the collective capital to challenge even the largest establishments.

Looking into the future, EDI is on its way to spread around responsible ESG wealth management and private and public pension funds complying with good governance. It is the current standard in understanding what drives the market. EDI’s influence will continue to resonate through different sectors in the financial industry.

Rise of Retail Investors

This year’s extensive media coverage provides us the possibility to communicate the essentials that take place in retail communities, be it on Reddit, Twitter, Weibo, YouTube, etc. to formal market participants. Being a bridge between the two is of importance if the market wishes to continue with a more efficient and practical approach.

Bloomberg Article

Robots on Wall Street Wrestle With Confusing World of Reddit

Bloomberg approached Stockpulse due to our expertise in understanding the retail investors and being the pioneer in Emotional Data intelligence. The narrative of this interview was based on anticipated high Buzz for Gamestop on WSB's Reddit page early in December ahead of the volatility and media attention it got.

Rocket emojis for stock gains. “Tenders” (Chicken Tenders) is slang for-profits—GIFs with company tickers and much more.

An entire culture is born. Reddit forum WallStreetBets is hard for humans to follow at the best of times. But spare a thought for the machines. Extracting millions and millions of daily messages is a complex process and even more complicated when trying to make sense of it.

The fundamental task of identifying securities, an AI must learn how to match millennial-speak, memes, and typos with the intended subject. This is what Dr. Stefan Nann understands, CEO of Stockpulse “You cannot just apply the standard English library of words,” said the chief executive officer of Stockpulse, a social-media analytics firm in Germany. “We were reading through these comments and deciding ourselves if this comment is positive or negative -- that’s how we train the machine.” This is something that the current AI environment is just catching up on. According to the article, alternative data could go from 1.64 billion to $17.35 billion in vendor revenue by 2027. Sentiment data analysis is the latest trend in the AI finance environment, and this is something that stockpulse is perfecting for the past decade. NN Investment Partners and PanAgora Asset Management are among systematic investors who use social media to generate trading signals.

Handelsblatt Article

When the Machine Takes over Stock Selection

This article sheds light to the current low use of sentiment data, despite the effectiveness. The pandemic resulted in a massive influx of new younger generation retailers. Big Data companies have since flourished as the recent events that took place (GameStop) have generated enormous amount of market sentiment. Stockpulse uses texts from the financial markets as well as opinionated posts from sources such as Twitter, Reddit, Weibo, Youtube, etc. Dr. Stefan Nann states that 'Since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of messages processed daily has almost tripled, from one to three million,'. Stockpulse's AI looks for patterns in data and price trends. Investors can invest in the mix of selected individual stocks; investors can invest via certificates. The mix of European stocks managed a 40 percent - more than twice as much as the broad market.

Stockpulse's AI in Action

The Top Deutschland Aktien Index demonstrated exceptional strength in 2020. During the market sell-off, the TIXX managed to outperform the MDAX, being more robust. While equity markets recovered, the TIXX showed its superiority towards the benchmark, outperforming the MDAX by 10%. Over a backtested period of almost 9 years, it has beaten the MDAX by 126%. (1*)

Stockpulse’s AI is the next level of alternative investing. With a decade long experience, we are the pioneers in this dynamic industry. Improve your portfolio with Emotional Data Intelligence. Stockpulse’s technology is an active asset for you.

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Reuters Article

Social-media analytics emerging as surveillance tool for exchanges, banks to find market manipulation

Reuter’s article talks about the growing influences of social media platforms. Social media platforms vary from Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, Weibo, blogs, etc. where retail investors could discuss a stock or any financial topic. We got approached by Reuters to present our expertise on the matter. During the Gamestop frenzy, the collective power of the retail investors started to be recognized by all financial participants. Sentiment data is a hot topic now and the interest from asset managers, banks and risk management is evermore increasing.

Stockpulse collects data from thousands of sources growing by the day through “web-crawling”. The writer also touched on an interesting topic which is the so-called “Pump and Dump” scheme. Social Media is where influencers have a strong voice. When a collective voice forms in Social Media from multiple influencers, their exposure to the broad viewers leads to a stock getting pumped or dumped. We often see Influencers having a significant position in particular equity before announcing it to the public. They use their platform to spread information regarding the stock with the hope that more will follow.

Stockpulse offers a unique feature to ameliorate your compliance

Stockpulse is the missing tool to complete your compliance management and assists your signaling system with alternative data from Social Media squawk. We support surveillance systems at NASDAQ and Deutsche Börse AG.

GameStop Story Stockpulse: Big Data specialist interviewed by XING

It was a pleasure to be able to do the interview with Stefan Mauer from XING NEWS. Stockpulse CEO Dr. Stefan Nann has shared some great insights and results based on Stockpulse´s AI related to the GameStop case. The XING community has been well informed.

GameStop Story

Beginning of the year the events around GameStop have shaken the world. Real money was destroyed and reputations damaged. Would it have been preventable or even for seenable? At that time Stockpulse`s AI anaylizing Social Media data related to Finance markets worldwide was alert. Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung turned to Stockpulse to get some expert advice which has led to the article „Short-Seller gegen Reddit“ (Shortseller against Reddit).

Stockpulse`s expertise on GameStop

More interviews related to GameStop have been requested and Stockpulse CEO Dr. Stefan Nann has given some explainations on why this had happened in the interview with the magazine: Businesstalk am Kudamm

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