Emotional Data Intelligence

In 2010 and 2011, emotional data analysis and big data were uncommonly known, and no market existed. Market participants did not yet see the value of the data for the financial industry.

We have been convinced Emotional Data Intelligence will prevail. Being pioneers and trailblazers at one stage, Stockpulse has become an essential player for the financial industry. Throughout the years, social media progressed to over three billion users in 2020.

Whether it’s some banks or hedge funds, Private Equity, Venture Capital or Family Office, Portfolio Managers or Insurance Companies, Publishing Houses or Stock Exchanges, and Institutional Supervising Agencies. All rely upon Emotional Data Intelligence today.

Taking a look into the future, Emotional Data Intelligence is on its way to spread around responsible ESG wealth management and private and public pension funds complying with good governance.


The Top Deutschland Index outperforms the MDAX

Before, during and after the COVID-19 crisis the TIXX smashes the benchmark to smithereens


Big Data Index beats STOXX 600 Europe in 2019

A staggering outperformance of 85%


Social Media is the driving force for smart investment decisions because it centers EMOTION and beats equity benchmarks consistently. Emotional Data Intelligence screens and processes alternative data and converts it into comprehendible and customized solutions.

Four Billion DAU

Social Media to cross 4 billion Daily Active Users by 2023. An increasingly important tool to feel the markets. Superior performance and highly cost-efficient. Fully automized workflow with our state-of-the-art AI.