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An Outstanding Performance Review


Social Media is the driving force for smart investment decisions because it centers EMOTION and beats equity benchmarks consistently. Emotional Data Intelligence screens and processes alternative data and converts it into comprehendible and customized solutions.

2020 A Rollercoaster Year for the Markets and Investment Community

A 40% meltdown caused by Covid-19 in mid-March followed a steep recovery ignited by dovish Central Banks and massive fiscal stimulus

Let's dive into our cash trading indices

Emotional Data Intelligence Outperformed its Benchmarks

The Top Deutschland Aktien Index demonstrated exceptional strength in 2020. During the market sell-off, the TIXX managed to outperform the MDAX, being more robust. While equity markets recovered, the TIXX showed its superiority towards the benchmark, outperforming the MDAX by 10%. Over a backtested period of almost 9 years, it has beaten the MDAX by 126%. (1*)

The Europe Big Data Sentiment Index began cash trading on the 28th of March 2019. Likewise, based on Emotional Data Intelligence, it revealed its strength, beating the STOXX 600. Setting new all-time highs in December 2020, it outperformed the underlying benchmark. Unable to reach new highs, the STOXX 600 lagged. During the last 21 months, the BDX gained 29%, while the STOXX 600 just managed to add 6%. Over a backtested period of almost 9 years, it has beaten the STOXX 600 by 166%. (2*)

Spyders webbed by Emotional Data Intelligence with striking results

Bloomberg Businessweek © (3*)

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